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A Hat in Time – Rare / Holographic Stickers – What Are They?

13 April 2019, Saturday, 8:05:08


Rare / Holographic Stickers – What Are They?

So you probably picked up the first time piece of the new DLC, Nyakuza Metro, and got a notification that a rare sticker has appeared somewhere. Looks like this;




What does that mean? Let me explain.

Rare stickers, also known as holographic stickers, are alternate versions of existing stickers. They function the same as the normal stickers but these versions shine, have a glowing rainbow outline and also give out rainbow ring effects when used in the communication wheel. Think of them like unusual hats and taunts in Team Fortress 2.



Pictured: The baseball bat, decorated with a few holographic stickers.


A new rare sticker spawns around every 12/18/24 hours (exact time has not been confirmed). The notification that one spawned will also only appear after you get a Time Piece. Time Pieces you’ve already collected before also count.


The acts they spawn in and their spawning locations are randomized, however, if you use the compass badge bought from the Mafia Boss (Mafia Jar?), it’ll point in the general direction of the rare sticker with a rainbow arrow while wobbling around.



Pictured: The holographic version of MafiaDelicious, spawned in Down With The Mafia, with the arrow pointing to it.


There are holographic versions of every sticker (except the Wowza sticker, stickers obtained from food combos and stickers that you automatically have; Cat Crime, Heart and Star). Additionally, it seems that certain acts will spawn certain holographic stickers (Mafia Town will spawn Mafia and Mustache Girl stickers, Battle of the Birds will spawn Conductor and DJ Grooves stickers, etc.).


Rare stickers also count as Steam Inventory items, meaning you can trade stickers with other Steam users for other stickers. They can also be sold and purchased on the Steam Community Market. So if you are looking for a specific sticker and don’t wanna wait for it to spawn, you might wanna look there.



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