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A Hat in Time – Sequence Break Achievement Guide

10 October 2017, Tuesday, 20:35:33


Sequence Break Achievement Guide

81613C24-F918-44ED-9486-057AE19E9B00-2188-000001DEAD3E8ACD No hand-holding for you, apparently!

Start Welcome To Mafia Town (Chapter 1, Act 1) and instead of going along the path, turn around and jump over the fence. Now go to the well without actually meeting with Mustache Girl (do not press the button that usually activates the crane) and obtain the time piece without having seen her at all.


To the right is the path you are supposed to go, but for this achievement you need to climp up the fence in the top right corner of the image;



The same area from the outside




The button you shouldn’t press, pressing this will make Mustache Girl appear automatically




Where you are supposed to go to get the achievement (the usual ending of the act)





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Name : Joshua | Comment Date : December 11th, 2017

Actually you can get the sequence break if you just skip meeting her the first time and still hit the button and follow her through the second meeting.

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