A Short Hike Console Commands


Console Commands & Cheat Codes

Hey! Since this is a single player game it should be okay to reveal the cheats in this game. Some may be neat for speed-running or experimenting, some are fun to try out after you finished the game.

First be sure to enable cheat codes by writing the following cammand on your keyboard:



You should see a little toast in the upper left corner afterwards.



Keyboard commandDescription

featherplz – get a golden feather

nopeplz – remove one golden feather

sunhatplz – get a sun hat

coinsplz – get 50 coins

shellsplz – get 14 shells

shovelplz – get a shovel

shoesplz – get running shoes

greedyplz – get all items once (just one fish)

allfishplz – get a fish of each species

fpsplz – toggle fps counter display

speedrunplz – toggle speed run clock display

hideuiplz – hide user interface

showuiplz – show user interface

15fpsplz – set maximum fps to 15 and disable vsync

45fpsplz – set maximum fps to 45 and disable vsync

lowresplz – render with a width of 480

midresplz – render with a width of 622

highresplz – render with the width of the current display

cinemaplz – enable cinema camera

imstuckplz – teleport to aunt

fishplz – toggle faster fishing

fasterplz – double the game speed

slowerplz – half the game speed


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