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Absolver – Armour and Weight


Armour and Weight

Armour and Weight are big factors that greatly affect your ability to fight and your speed. The amount of armour and weight you have varies on your class: Heavier armour is good for Kahlt; Medium / Occasionaly Heavy for Forsaken; and Medium / Light for Windfall. The amount of armour you wear will dictate how many hits you can take before going down; you may assume that having a load of amour on so that you’re invincible is a good thing, but it’s not (not all of the time). Your speed will be greatly reduced from this, making slow attacks even slower and fast attacks medium speed – as well as your movement speed taking a big hit. Although this improves your survivability, it won’t do much for your offensive capabilities.


Selecting the correct armour for your class and playstyle is very important. Make sure you have a decent balance between your defensive and offensive capabilities. Being a tank will be good in 1v1s, but terrible against multiple opponents. There is also no point in having a lot of armour on when your opponent can see your attacks coming from a distance, and are able to avoid it with ease. The armour with the best blunt and cut defense, although seem appealing, tend to be the heavest types of armour. So find your balance.

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