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Absolver – Enemies (NPCs)


Enemies (NPCS)

NPCS is the easiest way to gain XP, knowledge, and moves before going out and fighting other players. There isn’t a great variety of actual NPCs, but they have unique fighting patterns that may catch you off-guard.




Prospects are the standard enemy NPC which you will encounter everywhere. They are the easiest NPC to beat and won’t provide many challenges unless they gang up on you.



Fallen Prospects

Fallen Prospects are difficult to explain as they can range from easy to hard difficulty. Fallen Prospects are usually identified by wearing a black mask – if you see a group of them then we don’t recommend you trying to take them all on. Fighting a single Fallen Prospect can offer little to some challenge, but two or more will be a struggle unless you know what you’re doing. Occasionally, Fallen Prospects will spawn in clusters. As you progress, you will find more Fallen Prospects than any other character.



Marked Ones

Marked ones are required to be beating before moving onto the final stage of Absolver. Marked ones offer a variety of challenges, depending on who you face. There are six Marked Ones in total and you may run into the first one by surprise and lose extremely fast. Depending on the spawning of the enemies, Marked Ones may or may not be accompanied by Prospects / Fallen Prospects. The number of enemies that are accompanying the Marked Ones can make fighting them impossible. After defeating a Marked One, you will gain a new ability that you can choose to use or save for a different playstyle later on.




There are 3 bosses in Absolver: Kuretz, Kinlor / Calgar, and Risryn, and they each range in difficulty. Bosses are different from every other enemy as they have a unique cutscene before their fight.




Kuretz is quite an easy boss fight as the gimmick is having a bunch of Prospects fights alongside him; however, these are weaker than usual and only take 2-3 hits to kill (these prospects spawn continuously and only stop once you’ve gotten Kuretz to certain health).


There isn’t anything too interesting about Kuretz and the only difficulty you may have with him is getting to him behind the 3-5 prospects in front of him. Shockwave will do you wonders in this fight.



Kinlor / Calgar

Kinlor and Calgar is the second boss you face and is more difficult than Kuretz. Although there isn’t a great number of Prospects to fight, there are two of them and they both have a decent health bar and will try to surround you. Your best bet is to keep your distance and try not to get surrounded. Bait them into hitting each other whilst avoiding them both attacking you simultaneously.


Kinlor and Calgar are a tough fight if you’re unprepared, and it’s easy for them to knock you into a corner and spam you until you die. Shockwave and any Debuff abilities are recommended.




Risryn is the ‘final boss’ of Absolver and prepares for a fight. She has the largest health bar out of all the NPC enemies. She has various styles and will spawn a sword two different times throughout the fight. It can be said that Risryn has ‘stages’, these stages are:


Stage 1: Standard style;

Stage 2: Spawns a sword;

Stage 3: Removes sword and changes style (or at least her combos);

Stage 4: Spawns a sword again with different combos;

Stage 5: Despawns sword and again changes combos.


Risryn’s ‘stages’ will change varying on her health and spamming her won’t work as she can parry and dodge. Shockwave is good to stop some of her more ridiculous combos. Healing is also good in this match as once you’ve gained some distance, heal and then attack to regain as much health as possible. Don’t attempt to use abilities like earthquakes or gravity as they don’t seem as effective.




After you defeat Risryn, you will become an Absolver and receive the Absolver coat: marking you as an experienced player as well as providing some good defense.


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