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Absolver – Punishing Defensive Styles


Punishing Defensive Styles

Khalt Stance: This stance is probably already known as the scrub friendly stance. Press of a button and you block anything but there is a downside. This style can be Guard Crushed. Outside of Guard Crush you can also use Feint to make them waste stamina. This can put a strain of the opponent and make them second guess. As for the Ai they will usually take the next hit if you feint a Khalt attempt successfully.


Windfall: Strict but extremely effective style can be punished in numerous ways. The nightmare in this style lies in being able to read and punish your opponent. This class can be punished with the proper use of Feints and a fine mix of horizontal and Vertifal. After a attempted dodge this style cannot move for a short period of time. If you feinted and seen the dodge you get a free poke. Never get greedy versus this style as any player who uses this is ready to crush your slowest attacks and catch afew fast ones.

As for Ai with this you have to keep mixing your moves up and doing feints every 2-3 attacks or they will continue to dodge.


Forsaken Stance: Probably the most midrange of the 4. I don’t have stagger so you will have to deal with me not having anything on it. Forsaken can parry based off if your attack is right or left of them. The execution of this style is based on the opponent’s moveset. Against this stance your goal isn’t High or low, but instead proper use of Right and Left stance types. having a attack one a stance makes the attack change the side it is launched from effectively making it a right or left attack. Your focus is to bait parries the same way you will bait Khalt. Proper use of feints but with the occasional neglect of feints to make them reconsider your habits.

Again all fighting games require players to punish the habits of others.

Against the Ai feints are all you need as they will still parry regardless of what you do.

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