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Absolver – Styles of Kahlt


Styles of Kahlt

How to play your Kahlt? Well it depends on what interests you. From my opinion there are really only 2 viable styles of Kahlt, the Blitzer and the Bruiser.



This style caters to quick strikes and utilizing a lot of mobility. You will have to dip way outside of the Khalt moveset for this to be effective. The idea behind this style is you lay down a gold-stringing storm onto your enemy. When the opponent sees that you are out of stamina, the moment he attacks you to take advantage, absorb for stamina, punish, and continue your assault. Rinse and repeat. This can make it seem like you have an endless pool of stamina and will frustrate your enemies to no end. Be mindful of successful dodges and parrys. Learning how to feint and absorb will make you unpredictable and you should always be in your opponents face.


This style caters to defensive tactics and hyperarmor attacks. You can almost stay exclusively in the Khalt pool of moves, some Forsaken as well for those heavy hitters, that will allow you maximum damage when you do throw a punch. Lay on the armor, get that blunt defense real high, and prepare to punish mistakes. Use your guard frequently and absorb heavily telegraphed moves to keep the stamina up on your block. Whenever you see the opponent feverishly attacking or gold-stringing a combo, pop a hyperarmor attack like charging haymaker and knock them back. Close the distance and do it again. This sounds almost too easy to be true but honestly, a staggering amount of opponents simply mash the attack button hoping their gold-stringing combo will get them through the fight. Trade hit after hit and you will come out on top.

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