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Absolver – The Absorption Ability

7 September 2017, Thursday, 13:38:54


The Absorption Ability

Absorption is the Kahlt ability and is the topic of heavy debate. A lot of people will argue that its useless or pales in comparison to the other style’s abilities. They are not wrong, it could definitely use some love, but it is an awesome ability if used correctly. Problem is, there is not much of a tutorial on it and a lot of what you learn from it, in my case, was from trial and error. So first I will describe how to properly use absorption and then I will list out a series of interesting facts you may or may not know about it.


Absorb is used at the flick of the Right joystick (sorry I dont know the keybindings) and thats all it takes. You do not need to consider direction, only timing. Absorb needs to be used *slightly* before the attack makes contact. The move has a startup animation, its quick, but you can be struck *before* the absorption activates which is a bad time. When you use the ability you take “damage” that doesn’t count against you until an enemy hits you again. During this time you can earn the HP back by landing a hit of your own. The real bread and butter of this ability is the fact you can use it to regain a lot of stamina and, if you are quick enough, attack the enemy while they are recovering from their own attack.


Be warned. Opponents that attack fast or gold-string their combinations are the bane of the absorption ability and will shut it down. Unless you have your own fast strikes, simply absorb an attack for stamina to keep your guard up until the enemy runs out of stamina.


1. The absorption damage you recieve is not fatal. Meaning you can absorb a hit that would’ve killed you otherwise and keep on fighting. You can keep doing this indefinitely as long as they dont land a hit that you did not absorb or you did not manage to get a hit off to get that lost hp back.


2. You get bonkers stamina back from using absorb. Keep swinging until your stamina is dangerously low and when your enemy attacks to take advantage, absorb away to keep pressing the assault.


3. You can absorb multiple hits. The ‘damage’ still stacks and you are going to need to hit the guy to get the hp back but you can absorb multiple times in a row.


4. Your HP regens from the absorb. You get the HP back instantly by landing a few hits but if thats not the case and you are hiding behind a guard your HP will slowly tick back. Its not fast by any means but it does regen.


5. Stagger style ruins absorption. Any attack that attacks twice will give you a bad time, but their breakdance kick and the spinning fist one will totally negate your absorption. Do not try it against these moves.


6. Guardbreaks will smash your absorption. Don’t try it against these. On the other hand it works against charge breakers.


7. Gravity. Oh god gravity. So previously I said you could use absorption multiple times in a row, the damage still stacked, but it allowed you to hit with a combo to get that HP back. Well bad news, if they smack you with gravity it counts as a hit and you lose ALL that HP. Just a heads up.


8. Absorption can absorb shockwave (I am assuming earthquake and gravity as well). So you need super human reflexes to do this, mine happened by pure luck, but by activating absorption you will absorb the spell. In the case of shockwave, you will not be pushed at all.


9. Absorption + Hyperarmor = Love. So absorption allows you to tank a hit but you have to be able to dish just as much damage to get your health back. A jab will not net you back the damage of a haymaker. This combo is brutal for comebacks. Following up an absorption with hyperarmor attack such as haymaker will almost 100% seal the deal that you will get your HP back. For whatever reason, if the opponent hits your hyperarmor you still take damage BUT it does not remove the HP you will earn back from absorption. Imagine it like 2 steps forward 1 steps back. This allows you to face tank with the best.


10. Exhaust power is your new best friend. Assuming you are not the healing yourself type in the middle of a duel, or whipping out a weapon, this shard spell is a fantastic option. It syncronizes well with the absorption ability. Takes practically zero cast time, this makes every hit the enemy throws take far more stamina and any hit they block almost feel like a guardbraker. This has shut down spammers for me like nobodies business because it forces them to manage their stamina for once in their life. Between your blocks use absorption on the easily telegraphed moves and continue to block until their stamina wains. Then lay down the smackdown. Smash their guard if they block and laugh as they try to dodge with no stamina.

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