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Absolver – Tips on How to Build a Combat Deck


Tips on How to Build a Combat Deck

Variety, power and flow. These are the key components of building a combat deck that works for you. Here are some tips on how to make a combat deck:


-Go through the moves you have unlocked and look at the essentials: Timing of the attack, the damage of the attack and what position you finish in.


-Don’t make a predictable deck; decks that have the same moves (for example, punch, jab hook) although useful for the first time, are easily identifiable when used in succession. Mix it up with your deck.


-Variety. Like the last point, mix it up attack from multiple different angles. Right, Left, Above, Below. Don’t go for three right strikes, as your opponent will recognise it and move out of the way in no time.


-Kicks and punches won’t always work together; having a low kick into a high kick into a regular kick is far too slow and won’t catch your opponent by surprise. Start with a fast strike first to make your combo all the more unpredictable.


-Have your deck flow through itself to have the maximum amount of damage output. Don’t just stick with the same combo, repeating itself over and over. Have your deck flow from one combo to another, until it does a full circle – enough to make your opponent confused on what attack you’re going to do next.

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