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Absolver – Types of Attacks


Types of Attacks

This guide will just provide you with the explanations of what types of attacks are available in Absolver.


There are 5 types of attacks you can do not including special properties.


Vertical Attacks: These attacks are from Generally slow from as far as I have gotten. They can be dodged with a step to the left or right. Vertical Attacks usually have abit of momentum to them and can catch backsteppers. These attacks are easier to dodge as Windfall because the stance your character does before launching them can some times give away what you are doing them. By stance I mean characters animation on Startup of the attack not the character Stance.


Horizontal Attacks: These attacks are a good mixture of fast and slow. They punish Side Stepping and in some cases they can punish backsteps. They are usually (I haven’t seen one that isn’t yet) tied to a High or Low property. very easy to punish with Forsaken as you only need to know if they are attacking from the Right or Left.


Thrust Attacks: These attacks are the easiest to dodge for all styles and often the fastest or the trickest to time. These attacks in my opinion are best avoided by side stepping into the opponent if at pointblank or by the use of the B (universal dodge button).


High Attacks: This attack property can only be dodged with attacks or in Windfall. They come in the form of Horizonal and Thrust attacks (haven’t seen a low dodgable vertical but some that were close). These attacks usually do average damage to stamina but there are a few very brutal ones to look out for.


Low Attacks: Like high attack there are attacks and Windfall for purposely dodging these attacks. These attacks can be quick and sneaky as the angle of the camera being 3rd person instead of 2D puts you in a position where yuo can’t always have a good eye on the opponent’s feet.

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