Age of Empires: Definitive Edition PC Keyboard Shortcuts



PC Keyboard Shortcuts / Hotkeys



Space Bar – Views the selected unit


Arrow Keys – Scroll the game view


ENTER – Enter chat mode or send chat message (Cheat mode as well)


ESC – Unselect a unit or building, cancel an order


+ / – – Increase / Decrease game speed


TAB – Display next unit or building if multiple units or buildings are selected. Cycle through selected units and buildings.


SHIFT (while selecting units) – Add this unit to the selection already made. Select multiple units by dragging a selection box around them or shift-clicking individual units in turn.


SHIFT (while selecting a place to build) – Build multiple buildings by shift-click on the map where you want the buildings to be. Works for all buildings but the Town Center.


SHIFT (while telling a unit where to go) – You can set waypoints (a path) for unit(s) to follow by shift-clicking on the map where you want the waypoint to be.


SHIFT+TAB – Cycle through units backwards, displays previous unit in a selection (Opposite direction of TAB)


F1 – Help System


SHIFT+F1 – Individual Help (Like the ? Button)


F3 – Pause Game


F5 – Debug Mode (Displays debug information in the top bar where the resource counters are normally)


PAUSE – Pause Game


F10 – Game Menu


F11 – Displays Elapsed Time and Game speed (1.0 = Normal, 1.5 = Fast, 2.0 = Very Fast)


1 – 9 – Select group assigned to the number


CTRL+[1-9] – Assign selected units to the group number


ALT+[1-9] – Select group assigned to number and center view on that group


SHIFT+[1-9] – Select this group number in addition to units or groups already selected


CTRL+A – Select and view Archery Range (Repeat to cycle through other Archery Ranges in turn)


CTRL+B – Select and view Barracks (Repeat to cycle through other Barracks in turn)


CTRL+D – Select and view Dock (Repeat to cycle through other Docks in turn)


CTRL+K – Select and view Siege Workshop (Repeat to cycle through other Siege Workshops in turn)


CTLR+L – Select and view Stable (Repeat to cycle through other Stables in turn)


CTRL+P – Select and view Temple (Repeat to cycle through other Temples in turn)


CTRL+Y – Select and view Academy (Repeat to cycle through other Academies in turn)


H – Select and view Town Center (Repeat to cycle through other Town Centers in turn)



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