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Age of Wonders: Planetfall – Autonom

6 August 2019, Tuesday, 8:06:35


The Robots providing emergency services within the Empire were run by the Conscientious Omnipresent Regency Engine CORE, but when it faltered during the Collapse they relied on internal backup processors. In the centuries since then, these robots have linked up and developed into a new collective of sentient beings. They called themselves the Autonom.


The Autonom have thermal and kinetic Weapon Groups. They are all about form connections to buff individual units. They seek to build a large peer to peer network of autonomous entities




The Autnom are a bit Retro-droid in their design, visually they are distinct from other Imperial units in they use lots of round shapes. They are very easy to identify. They all float or fly. Metals and Paint Looks worn since they have been active and moving around since the fall of the Empire. The Autonom share flickering lights in a consistent the amount indicates its intelligence / network capabilities. i.e. Golem = single light, Network Controller = lots of lights.



The network mechanic

Since the fall of the Empire, all Autonoms, possessing limited neuro-linking, have developed autonomous consciousness, making their own decisions, but some of their cooperation still exists. The Autonom Network Controller Units and Monitors direct and enhance the other Autonom in battle by providing them with valuable information on their targets.


Using the Initialized Connections Buff, all Autonom units in the army are buffed. This buff can scale up to three levels (luckily each autonomy unit can only use this ability once per battle)


-Level 1:  +10% accuracy and +2 arc resistance.


-Level 2: Networked units gain one level of stagger impact.

-Level 3: +20% increased damage to all attack and +1 range on ranged attacks.


Autonoms work closely together and careful not to camp as they the units will buff each other quickly! See the unit abilities for additional Network effects.




  • Sentinel: Cute Ranged moving turret droid. The Sentinel’s Calculate Targeting Ability raises its accuracy and critical hit chance by 10%, all Networked Units also gain this effect.


  • Golem: All purpose Sentry and crowd control Bot. Its Tactical FACE is a Forcefully Applied Contact Explosive (the golem points a little arm out and blasts the target with high impact stagger. Its BOMB Body Originating Mass Blast Ability blasts all adjacent hexes. Handy to have as a melee based crowd control robot.


  • Monitor: Support Unit. In additions to its network establishing function it has the ability to heal ALL networked units on it’s side for 5HP PER LEVEL. Imagine encountering a large group with a couple of these as support.


  • Justicar: Police, Judge and Executioner Robot rolled into one. Sentence target gives all Autonom a damage bonus on target. Its punisher missiles (which funnily launches from its neck after rotating its head backwards) is indeed punishing using High Impact and Demolisher (200% damage to obstacle) perks.


  • Network controller: Next to the aforementioned Network ability it has a cool “Contact Tech Support” action, which summons an Autonom unit to its aid. The Network Controller’s shield Projection adds 4 shields for 2 turns to all networked units.




At their Home Base, you can acquire Autnom mods and units. One of the most interesting one is the Autonom Network Connector, which allows non-autonom units to benefit from the Networked Buffs when equipped!


When starting close to he Autonom, don’t dismiss these cute looking robots, or EXTERMINATE will be the last thing you hear.


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