Agents of Mayhem – All Easter Eggs


All Easter Eggs

All easter eggs discovered in Agents of Mayhem.



1-) Stillwater Sharks

Stillwater Sharks is a fictional sports team in the Saints Row universe, a magazine featuring their logo can be found in The Ark:




(This magazine can be found inside the Vehicle Bay)




(The Stillwater Sharks logo)



2-) Saint of all Saints Statue

The “Saint of all Saints” statue can be found throughout the Saints Row franchise. You can find one in the back of the requisitions.




(This statue can be found in the back of the requisitions)




(The Saint of all Saints statue)



3-) Red Dead Redemption

A reference to Rockstar’s “Red Dead Redemption” can be found in Agents of Mayhem.


One of the gadgets for the character Braddock is called “Dead Med Redemption”.


When obtained, critical hits will have a 15% chance of dropping extra health.



4-) Apocalypse Now

A reference to the 1979 film “Apocalypse Now” can be found in Agents of Mayhem.


A core upgrade for the character Braddock is called “Apocalypse Now”.


To back this reference, even more, the quote for the core upgrade says “Smells like victory”, which is a quote from the film delivered by the actor Robert Duvall.



5-) Black & White Cartoon Mode

In the R+D lab there is a valve you can interact with. When interacted with the game will turn black & white & all the characters will start to bop up and down very similar to a 1920’s cartoon.




(The valve can be found in the very back of the room to the right)




(Old Mickey Mouse cartoon “Steamboat Willie” from 1928)



6-) Satan (From SR:GOOH)

“In Gat’s unlocking mission (Good Cop, Bot Cop) Gat has to check out a parking violation. The vehicle he finds is a van that has Satan from Gat Out of Hell painted on the side of it.”


DF1ECDC9-B068-4133-9E3A-5D494E264FDD-500-0000004C13789C70 6510AD17-B98D-4C9E-BB62-09FC903A2E61-500-0000004C16937F9C 7B5E7D54-E710-400B-9952-D9FDF5B21049-500-0000004C1A08CDE8


(From Saints Row: Gat out of Hell)



7-) Half-Life

A Half-Life reference can be found inside the R+D Lab in The Ark.


On the bottom right corner of the desk where Gremlin sits, you can find a note which reads “Gordon please return my crowbar!” This is of course a nod to the Half-Life franchise and it’s protagonist Gordon Freeman and the iconic crowbar.





😎 Gangnam Style

During the “Special investigation: Yeti” mission, once you’ve arrived at the location of LEGION’s secret hideout there are two white trucks. In one of the trucks, there is a person doing the “Gangnam Style” dance.


B0EDE202-AF0F-4D5A-9CD0-004403703FAB-500-0000004DC83B374D D9ED46A8-D626-4738-8D94-BA80B5EF64FF-500-0000004DCC4E2CBC


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