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Agents of Mayhem – Beginner’s Guide to Unlock Vehicles & Character/Vehicle Skins


Beginner’s Guide to Unlock Vehicles & Character/Vehicle Skins


This guide will show you how to unlock new vehicles and skins for the agents and vehicles. While it is very common knowledge I’m making this guide targeted at new players (or players who generally doesn’t know).



1-) Free DLC (Franchise Force Skins Pack)

To begin with, there is a completely free DLC for the game called “Franchise Force Skins Pack” which contains 3 extra skins, 1 for each member of the “Franchise Force”. (Hollywood, Fortune & Hardtack).


To get this DLC, just head over to the Agents of Mayhem store;


After you find it (see image below) just click on it and it will bring you to the store page for the DLC, after that you just press the download button and it will install & be ready to use when starting up Agents of Mayhem.


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2-) Crates

To unlock vehicles you need to find vehicle blueprints (the amount of blueprints needed varies from vehicle to vehicle).


Vehicle blueprints along with agent skins, vehicle skins, weapon skins and more can be found inside crates scattered across Seoul. (Once you’ve collected all blueprints for a vehicle it will automatically unlock at the “Vehicle Bay”).


The loot you obtain in the crates are random, so you can’t go to a specific crate to unlock a specific skin.


To make crate hunting easier I suggest you purchase the “Crate” upgrade for your scanner (so it detects crates).


Some hot-spots for crates are by the docks & at the Planetarium. But you can generally find crates all around the city (On the ground, at temples, on rooftops etc).


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3-) Operations

After you’ve completed an “Operation” mission you will be granted a weapon skin for the agent whose operation mission you completed.


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