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Agony – Forbidden Fruit Guide

Forbidden Fruit Guide

There are two types of Forbidden Fruit. Those which give Skill Points and those which give Soul Points. Most of the Soul Points in the game are given through story events.



Chapter 1:

1 (Skill Point). Automatically at the beginning of the Maze of Madness.


2. (Skill Point)On the 3rd floor of the Pit, you will enter a blood-filled banquet room. Immediately on the right side wall is an Onoskelis sculpture reaching out; it is holding the Forbidden Fruit.


3. (Skill Point) In the Room of Pleasure, right before walking on the wall to get up to the Baphomet boss room, a Forbidden Fruit is on a stone slab near some Martyrs.


4. (Soul Point) Immediately before the Baphomet boss room, you have to pick up a Fruit to enter the room.


5. (Soul Point) After beating the game, return to the beginning of Chapter 1. Once you drop down to the save point under the Judgement Chamber, take the first right turn you are able to. There you will find a Golden Chamber, which will be open. In it is a Forbidden Fruit.



Chapter 2:

1. (Skill Point) In the Tower of the Goddess (after you possess an Onoskelis to break the door the first time), there is a Fruit on a table on the 2nd floor.


2. (Skill Point) As soon as you fall into the Fractal Forest, a Fruit is on the dark stone altar immediately in front of you.


3. (Skill Point) At the very end of Chapter 2, after the Chort fight, you enter an ice room. On the left side are some counters and tables; there is a Fruit on the Table by the model maze.


4. (Soul Point) In the final scene of Chapter 2, the Red Goddess upgrades your Soul level.



Chapter 3:

1. (Skill Point) From the start, if you follow the right side path through the ice caves, you will come to the area with the Gold Martyr statue. Continue following the right-most wall, and you will come to an icy throne in the open air. On the throne is a Fruit. You need to run up and grab it quickly because you slowly freeze in the open air.


2. (Skill Point) When you get to the Great Rite (Frozen Chamber with the statue of the goddess), on the steps leading up to the teleportation mirror, there is a Fruit.


3. (Soul Point) At some point right before the Fallen Kingdom, you gain the ability to possess Ifrits, an upgrade to your Soul level.


4. (Skill Point) After finding the portray of Babylon, you enter the Temple of Ishtar. If you go right, the Fruit will be sitting on some ice in plain view.



Chapter 4:

1. (Skill Point) After climbing up to the 2nd area with the Corpse Ball enemies, if you take the left route, there is a small shrine area with an Onoskelis. The Fruit is on the table.


2. (Skill Point) In the Plague Chamber, when you climb up the steps past the Chort, if you keep going straight (instead of turning onto the rafters to jump out the window), you will come to a small table with a Fruit on it.


3. (Skill Point) In the Forgotten Caves, there is a long hallway with a burning cross at both ends, facing each other. If you attempt to walk down this hallway, you will be teleported back, now facing the way you came. However, if you walk back down this hallway, you will reach the destination fine. Once you are there, you will notice a Save Point on the wall, with fruit on the ground beneath it.


4. (Skill Point) In the Floating Temple area, at the end of the desert and right before you begin climbing up the steps to the Cathedral, there is a small enclosed building with an Onoskelis and a Martyr sitting on the ground. Facing away from the steps leading up to the Cathedral, there will be a large golden statue that has fallen over. Climb up this statue into the ruined buildings, and take a right and follow the path. You will find a secret room with a Forbidden Fruit blatantly placed right at the entrance; you’d have to jump over it to enter the chamber.


5. (Soul Point) In the Cathedral, proceed to walk straight up to the giant altar with the huge painting of the Goddess at the far end of the building. As you approach the top, there should be a bone/wood effigy with a baby on it, which may also have a Golden Martyr Head on top. The Forbidden Fruit should also be on it.


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