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Agony – Garments of Adam (Nimrod Ending) Guide

6 June 2018, Wednesday, 14:39:11

Garments of Adam (Nimrod Ending)

The Garments of Adam are a sort of obscure collectible that is required to access the last ending in the game. They are found being worn by a handful of Martyrs throughout the game; 2 of them are fairly obvious, but 3 of them are actually quite subtle and really easy to miss. If you possess the Martyrs wearing these items, you will get a message on screen announcing it, and those Martyrs will no longer be wearing the items in subsequent play.


In addition to this, you need to have completed the Evil and Succubus endings first, and gathered the Golden Martyr Statue in the Cathedral to open up the basement. After doing all of these things, go into the basement and the ending will unlock.



Garments of Adam Locations:

Necklace of Adam – Chapter 1 – The Pit

This may only be available after beating the game, because I’m nearly certain this chamber was blocked off when you first play through Chapter 1. As soon as you drop down into the Pit, there will be a chamber to your right with a female Martyr on the floor wearing a necklace.



Shoulders of Adam – Chapter 2 – The Floating Forest

When you leave the Floating Forest, you climb up a precarious mountainside. Towards the end is a small cave full of gore, with a male Martyr walking inside of it. If you look closely, he has golden arm jewelry on.



Rags of Adam – Chapter 3 – The Chamber of Ishtar

Easily the most obvious, probably everyone saw this guy while playing through the game, and probably noticed his rather luxurious clothes. He’s on the second floor of the Chamber of Ishtar, one of the only Martyrs accessible in this entire area.



Sandals of Adam – Chapter 4 – The Plague Chamber

This is probably the easiest to miss, as this Martyr is fairly easy to walk by without ever looking closely, and the entire room is filled with an obscuring green smoke and weird visual effects that make perceiving details difficult. In the Plague Chamber, climb up to the second floor and walk across the rafters to a small platform in the corner. A single female Martyr sits alone, and if you look closely, she’s wearing flip flops. The absolute height of fashion.



Crown of Adam – Chapter 4 – The Forgotten Caves

Probably the second most obvious after the Rags, this guy is kinda just walking around the middle of an empty room with a crazy hat on. In the cave system, he’s by one of the exits leading out to the desert. Its the same exit where you find the Angel for Chapter 4.



Once you have gotten all of them, just head to the right-side door on the first floor of the Cathedral, go down the staircase, and when you enter the room, the ending will commence.



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