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Agony – How to Get All 7 Endings

How to Get All 7 Endings

1. Just go through the game in the Scene Mode and defeat the final boss at an additional level.


2. Kill 70 characters and go through the Cathedral on level 4.


3. Wait 5 minutes in the “mushroom mind” mode, do not move.


4. Defeat Baphomet at level 1 and unlock his three-dimensional statuette in the fractal forest. After you win the battle, unlock the statue (or figure) and go to the state of “mushroom mind”, the ending will open.


5. Find the four angels (one at each level), then go through level 2.


6. Complete the game in the guise of Succubus.


7. Unlock the “Wicked ending” and “Succubus Finale”. Then make your way to the basement of the Cathedral. In order to open the passage, you need to find all the pieces of the golden statue. Still need the Clothes of Adam – they are for some martyrs who meet throughout the game. It is necessary to kill or settle into a martyr to take possession of the artifact.


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