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Agony – Notes and Letters


Notes and Letters

Chapter 1:

The Djinn – Abandoned Prison – Found in the hidden right side path between the Gates of Hell and the Abandoned Prison.


The Spider– Abandoned Prison – Found in a hidden ledge underneath of the Ravine area.


Onoskelis – Abandoned Prison – In the Ravine area, cross the Ravine and explore the caves until you find a pool of blood. Diving into it, one of the paths will take you above the pool, where you can find this note next to a dead standing Onoskelis.


The Great Rite: Part 1 – Abandoned Prison – In the Ravine area, there is an outcropping that can’t be reached just by jumping. If you use Soul Vision, it will reveal a path leading to it, where you can find this note.


Letter 2 – Abandoned Prison – Found in one of the cells. It may need to be burned with a torch.


The Red Goddess II – Abandoned Prison (Succubus Area) – There is a note in plain view after entering from the Cellblock side.


Madman’s Note 1 – Judgement Chamber – Found in plain view in the front on a table.


Letter 1 – Judgement Chamber – (Martyr Only) Found in plain view once you open the door to head down to the Maze of Madness. This door does not open for the Succubus.


Backer Note – Judgement Chamber (Succubus Area), from the entrance, immediately in front of you upon entering, are some handholds. Use them and drop down into the next room, and hug the left side wall (but do not change floors) for a while until you find a room with an iron maiden. The note is in this room.


The Beast – Judgement Chamber (Succubus Area) – From the entrance, follow the path downward until you find a hallway to the left. Proceed past several revolving doors with skeletons, and you will see a room with a purple glow. The note is on a table inside of it.


Chort – The Maze of Madness – From the entrance, proceed through the left path. When facing the shrine immediately ahead of you, there will be a glowing hallway to your left. The note is on a podium in this room.


Letter 3 – The Maze of Madness – From the entrance, proceed through the right path (once it’s been opened). Take an immediate left, followed by a right. Hug the left wall from here until you come to a large room with water on the floor. The letter is in front of the statue.


Madman’s Note 2 – The Maze of Madness – Face back towards the maze from the exit. The note should be right next to the exit on the left.


The Leviathan – The Maze of Madness – Found in the Golden Martyr Room. From the exit, hug the left wall and follow it. Before long, you will find it.


Letter 4 – The Pit – After exiting the Maze of Madness, you will be on the floor immediately in front of you.


Madman’s Note 2 – The Pit – After exiting the Maze of Madness, it will be on a stone just to the left of the save point.


Succubus – The Pit – On the second circular floor, walk halfway around the circle. The note will be on a tongue.


Madman’s Note 4 – The Pit – This is found in the room where you drop down after witnessing the man building a wall out of babies. It connected to the second room on the right on the second floor.


Madman’s Note 5 – The Pit – On the third circular floor, there is a hallway from the blood table room, which will result in a sequence of cutscenes. Once they are finished, the note should be readily visible in the hallway you end up standing in.


Red Goddess – The Pit – On the third floor, there is a sigil door. In the back of the room is a throne with this note on it.


The Mind Maze – The Pit (Succubus Area) – This note should be on the left side of the hallway after entering.


Letter 6 – The Spider’s Lair – Right after dropping in, this note is on the back of the stone that the statue is on.


Letter 5 – The Spider’s Lair – There is a burnable bush in the hallway with the Onoskelis. After it is gone, you can jump across to a small rock with this note.


The Angel – The Spider’s Lair – From the save point, there is a crevasse towards the back of the room behind the statue. Inside of it, you can find this note.


Madman’s Note 6 – The Spider’s Lair – In the room with the Iron Maidens, this is on the back of a stone slab facing the portal.


Madman’s Note 7 – The Walls of Seduction – Immediately visible to your right after you show up here for the first time.


Madman’s Note 8 – The Walls of Seduction – As soon as you enter the caves, there will be an alcove on the left with this note visible.


Letter 7 – The Walls of Seduction – Just after Madman’s Note 8, a hallway on the left leads to a secret room with this note.


Madman’s Note 9 – The Walls of Seduction – Continue down the hall from Madman’s Note 8, and there will be yet another note on the left side.


Red Goddess III – The Walls of Seduction – When you reach the room with the Onoskelis, take the left path until you can walk up the wall. When you come out on the overlook where the Onoskelis was, you will find this note.


Madman’s Note 10 – The Temple of Pleasure – Right before entering Baphomet’s chamber, you climb on some gravity walls. When you are finished with the walls, you end up right next to an altar with this note on it.



Chapter 2:

Letter 8 – Dark Forest – From the start of the area, follow the left wall until you come to a large stone shrine. A note is on a smaller pedestal in front of it.


Madman’s Note 11 – Hills of Agony – There is an underwater tunnel leading to a Secret Chamber at the pond you have to cross. You can find a note there.


The Floating Forest – Hills of Agony (Succubus Area) – A note is visible on an altar to the right side after entering this hidden area.


Letter 9 – Eternal Fire – In the cave, right before the gravity wall, take a left turn into an alcove with a note on an altar.


Madman’s Note 12 – Tower of the Goddess – This is on the backside of the big island in the center of the lake, where the Onoskelis were standing before you chased her.


Madman’s Note 13 – Goddess Chamber – On a writing desk fairly visible on the second floor.


Letter 11 – The Floating Forest – On the left side of this area, there is a path behind some cauldrons full of people, leading to a shrine. There is a note on a podium there.


Madman’s Note 14 – The Floating Forest – If you follow the left, towards the cliffs leading to the Fractal Forest, many Martyrs worship a statue. The note is on the ground to the left of it.


Letter 13 – The Fractal Forest – This note is visible on a stone as soon as you reach this location.


Madman’s Note 15 – The Fractal Forest – On the right side from the entrance, there is a Dimensional Portal (looks like a green kneeling woman). In this rift is a note on a stone block.


Letter 14 – The Fractal Forest – Near some stairs towards the back of this area, there is another Dimensional Portal. This note is found in the rift on a stone slab.


Madman’s Note 16 – The Room of Joy – This note is on the desk on the left side of the room.



Chapter 3:

Ifrit – Frozen Spawn – On the right side, before heading down into the cave, there is a note on a podium.


Letter 15 – Frozen Spawn – To the left of the spawn location, a door can be opened by viewing a painting. On the ground in front of it is this note.


Letter 17 – Frozen Spawn – To the left of the spawn location, a door can be opened by viewing a painting. Inside of the room is this note.


Madman’s Note 17 – The Upper Ice Caves – After passing a burning woman, there is a note in front of a large burning chunk of ice in the left-side cave system.


Madman’s Note 18 – The Upper Ice Caves – From spawn, if you travel up the left side path leading out into the open, you can enter a small hole on the left side wall. You will fall to a location overlooking a Chort at a table, and you can grab this note.


Madman’s Note 20 – The Upper Ice Caves – When you pass the floating pile of stuff, there is a pedestal with a note on it next to the Golden Martyr Statue.


Madman’s Note 19 – The Upper Ice Caves – Towards the far end of the area overlooking the Ice Pit, there is a room with a throne on which sits a Forbidden Fruit. If you walk behind this throne, you will find the note.


Madman’s Note 21 – The Ice Pit – Right before you enter the hallway with the flaming walls, the note is on a stone slab if you turn around and look back.


The Frozen Fire – Frozen Fire (Succubus Area) – After entering, follow until the first fork in the road. On the right side is Succubus Door leading out. If you go left and then continue straight, you will enter a brightly lit room with the note on a rock.


Letter 16 – The Frozen Wastes – Upon entering this outdoor area, head to the left. There will be a path leading into a cave with a table and an Onoskelis. Before the table, this note will be on a stone.


Madman’s Note 22 – In the Great Rite – On the table near the teleporter.


Madman’s Note 23 – The Bridge of Melted Fire – On a stone slab near the save point.


Letter 18 – The Bridge of Melted Fire – You enter a destroyed village after the Giant Chort chase. On the left side of this, there is a breakable ice wall. The Succubus can break it, but you may also be able to possess a Chort here as well. Inside, this note is posted on an altar.


Madman’s Note 24 – The Ishtar Gate – If you take either path, you will see this on a shelf after turning a corner.


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