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Agony – Painting Locations


Painting Locations

Paintings, as defined by the game, are distinct from the actual “Gallery” Paintings. There are several paintings you need to scan to open up a door or change a room. Only a few of these end up in the Gallery, but the game still counts them as “Paintings” in the list at the end.


So with that said, we are attempting to detail paintings as listed per stage, rather than as far as the Gallery is concerned.



Chapter 1:

1. The Pit – Required for progression, found to the left after climbing out of the Maze of Madness.


2. The Pit – Once you enter the first circular floor, there is a door to your right. You need to burn branches to enter it. Follow the path to find a painting.


3. The Pit – Once you enter the first circular floor, go left and enter the first door. You may need to burn bars to enter it. Inside is a painting.


4. The Pit – The first room on the right is full of blood and has a large table on the third floor. In the back corner, there is a painting.


5. The Pit – On the third floor, there is a sigil door. Inside is a painting.


6. The Spider’s Lair – This painting is at the end of the hall with the Onoskelis.


7. The Spider’s Lair – There are some bushes in the hallway with the Onoskelis. Behind them is a gravity wall; on the wall, you can view this painting.


8. The Walls of Seduction (Succubus Only) – Right before entering the caves, some Succubus Handholds will allow you to see this painting.


9. The Walls of Seduction – Take the right path when you reach the room with the Onoskelis. The right-most door (which may have bushes in front of it) leads to a room where this painting can be found.


10. The Temple of Pleasure – Right before you climb on the gravity walls, there is a small room full of Martyrs to the left. It contains this painting.



Chapter 2:

1. Dark Forest – A small bone shack with a painting on the wall is in the back of the Dark Forest area.


2. Eternal Fire – From the entrance, there are some burnable bushes. If you enter this area, there is a painting in the back.


3. Eternal Fire – When you drop down into the cave, there is a mandatory painting to progress through the area.


4. Eternal Fire – After climbing the gravity wall, there will be a painting on the left side as you progress through the area.


5. The Floating Forest – Hidden towards the back of this area is a series of islands leading to an isolated area with a stone structure. After walking through the structure, one of the paintings is leaning against the pillars.


6. The Floating Forest – From 5, continue to explore the hidden area. In the back, very close to the poisonous sea, there is another painting.


7. The Floating Forest – In the center of the floating islands is a large island with an Onoskelis on it. There is a painting to view here as well.


8. The Tree of Life – To the right of the save point, a hidden crevasse in the wood leads to a secret room. There is a painting in here.


9. The Room of Joy – This painting is required to progress. It’s in the water, next to the glowing lung-shaped object.



Chapter 3:

1. Frozen Spawn – Near the spawn area, a painting is on the right side before heading down into the cave. Viewing it opens a door.


2. The Upper Ice Caves – Towards the far end of the area overlooking the Ice Pit, there is a room with a throne on which sits a Forbidden Fruit. If you walk behind this throne, you will find the painting.


3. The Ice Pit – This area’s back is an open-air area with snow and light falling in. In the back of this hall is an ice wall broken by a Chort or Succubus. Inside is a painting.


4. The Frozen Wastes – Upon entering this outdoor area, head to the left. There will be a path leading into a cave with a table and an Onoskelis. Behind the table, there is an odd-looking wall that will vanish if you use Soul Vision. Proceed down the gravity well, and you will find a painting that opens a door elsewhere on the map.


5. The Bridge of Melted Fire – The first painting is required to make the bridge available.


6. The Bridge of Melted Fire – A required painting for progression; you view it after the Giant Chort chase.


7. The Ishtar Temple – As you leave the Ishtar Chamber and proceed down the tree branches, eventually, there is a fork, with the left path leading to the end of the stage. If you take the right path, it will wrap around and lead back up into Ishtar Chamber. On the way is a painting.


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