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Agony – Succubus Area Locations Guide

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Succubus Area Locations

There are several loot-filled areas that only the Succubus can access, usually filled with loot of some sort.



Chapter 1 Succubus Only Locations:

The Judgement Chamber – There is a Succubus Door on the left side behind the stairs.


The Abandoned Prison – In the cell block is a Succubus Handhold above the entrance.


The Maze of Madness – The water tunnel on the left side is too long to access except with the Succubus.


The Pit – At the very beginning, look to the left on the ground to see a Succubus Door.


The Walls of Seduction – Some Succubus Handholds let you access a small cave before entering the caves.


The Temple of Pleasure – As soon as you reach the first broken walkway, turn around to see some Succubus Handholds behind you. A small shrine is found above.



Chapter 2 Succubus Only Locations:

Hills of Agony – To the right of the pond, there is a cliff face with Succubus Handholds that lead to a hidden area.


Tower of the Goddess – In the back of this area is a T-shaped door that the only Succubus can enter. It requires burning a path through the bushes when you play as the Martyr, though.


The Floating Forest – On the left side of this area, a path behind some cauldrons full of people leads to a shrine. There are two places where you can climb Handholds here, and if you went through the Succubus-only door at the Tower of the Goddess, you would come out here as well.


The Waterfalls of Blood – In the cave at the end of the Fractal Forest, there is a Succubus Door. This leads to a short cave that exits into the long flooded tunnel.



Chapter 3 Succubus Only Locations:

Frozen Fire – Accessible from the painting-door room near spawn, there are Succubus Handholds in the ceiling. This area leads to a cave network and has a Succubus Door leading to Chapter 3’s Red Room.


The Bridge of Melted Fire – Facing the bridge, there is a cliff face to the left side with a Succubus Door in it. Eventually, it will lead to an exit halfway across the ravine, with Succubus Handholds traversing the remaining distance.


Ishtar Chamber – On one end of this building, there is a black stone altar. If you go behind it, some trees with Succubus Handholds will take you to a very small area with several items.


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