Agony – Tips for Passing Agony

Tips for Passing Agony

-Always remove the bags from the heads of the martyrs! Only in this way will you be able to live in them if the enemy kills you and you lose the body. Otherwise, the introduction is impossible.


-Collect Apples of Knowledge – they give additional experience points for skill leveling.


-The demon control skill is automatically unlocked in the Scene Mode, you do not need to pump anything.


-In order to unlock the second set in the Agony mode (ice caves), you need to go through the third level in the Scene Mode.


-Collect gold figures and pictures – they open access to additional materials in the menu (Gallery).


-If lost, then use the Path of Fate skill – the light will indicate the shortest path to the goal.


-Distract the demons with torches. Infernal creatures attract light and heat, so when meeting them, cast the torch away from yourself.


-Hold your breath when you hide, otherwise your enemies will notice you even in cover. Also try to remember the nearest shelters on the level – demons try to rummage through every corner.


-After the first passage of the game you will gain access to the secret locations thanks to a special spiritual vision.


-Destroy everything at levels that can be destroyed – the world of the game will remember it. Thus, even after the death or restart of the game from the control point, you can shorten the path.


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