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AIRHEART – Tales of broken Wings – Controls



You control your airplane with a Gamepad or with a Mouse and Keyboard.


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As you are flying, you use the mouse or right stick to aim your weapon.


However, only your primary turret weapon can shoot in any direction, the secondary weapon always shoots straight ahead.


Active Abilities are used with the ability button. This could be a damage increase or a boost. Most of them have a cooldown after use.


Your most important option is probably the safe dive. You can only monetize your cargo – sell the oil and scrap, craft from what you collected – if you made it safely back to Granaria by diving.


Remember – when you have zero health and do emergency landing, you always lose all your loot from the current run!




You can change airplane steering from absolute to relative in main menu > options > gameplay.

You can also rebind keys the way you like in main menu > options > controls.


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