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AIRHEART – Tales of broken Wings – Tips & Tricks


Tips & Tricks

-The Pinty Canary is a very special plane! It was so cheaply mass produced, that it was Amelia’s first airplane she ever was able to afford. So while it doesn’t have any active or passive abilities, Amelia knows the odds and ends of it so well, that you can never lose it! Not even by crashing!


-You can change airplane steering from absolute to relative in main menu > options > gameplay. You can also rebind keys the way you like in main menu > options > controls.


-Scrap Parts come in different rarities. Make sure you are aware if you ever find a rare or legendary part, because you might want to get it home safe. It could take several runs before you get a legendary part again!


-Be prepared, that there might be some enemies, that will not leave the vicinity of portals. While it is possible to rush through skylayers in most occasions, there will be some especially tough enemies, that you will have to fight!


-Since fish are a valuable resource, you should be especially careful once you unlock more dangerous weaponry. Fish have very few hitpoints and a powerful weapon can quickly let rare species go extinct.


-Amelia would never sell her canary airplane, so you can sell its part only when you have more then one.


-Remember: To sell things, you need to sell them at the workbench, the shop is only to order parts you’d like to buy, not to sell from your inventory.


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