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Alekhine’s Gun Cheat Codes



To activate the console, you must start the game with the -console parameter Example: “x:\Games\Alekhines Gun\AlekhinesGun.exe” -console.


In the game, we call the console by pressing ~ and type:



Cheat Code       Effect

setv cl_superman 1 – God Mode.


setv c_noammo 1 – Infinite ammo.


Cheat “invisible” – invisible but enemies will hear you.


Cheat “complete” – ends the mission.


Cheat “silence” – Enables silent movement.


Cheat “camouflage” – Appear disguised from the enemy.


Cheat “invisible” – Guards can’t see you.


Cheat “disable ai” – Disables AI.


OpenLevels – Access all levels.


PL_SavePos – Save your game.


PL_RestorePos – Load your game.


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