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Meltys Quest – All Endings


All Endings

Endings List

Pure Princess: Ending 1

Defeat the Final boss with S.Level at 0


I recommend doing this on your 3rd playthrough—craft the kogal sword, Purity dress, max level. Glide right on through. Then reload the save to get the rest of the endings.


Sadly, the outfit in this ending is not permanent.



Beginnings: Ending 2

Defeat the final boss with an S.Level between 1~29



Interracial: Ending 3

Defeat the final boss with an S.Level between 30~68



Gaiety: Ending 4

Defeat the final boss with an S.Level 69+


Must not have fully built the castle


The most likely ending.



(Castle Complete): Ending 5

Defeat the final boss with an S.Level of 69+


Complete the castle (The 5mil Upgrade)


Talk to Roy and Daliah.



Dark Melty’s: Ending 6

On an NG+ Defeat Esmeralda


Esmeralda is not a pushover. To beat her, I Equipped the JK set, Kogal sword, Poison Immunity accessory. Open with Love wave till Cenus is down and spam light blade for –attack, use love beam to save mp. Use yellow potions as needed.


Not hard, but it does require a bit of understanding of the game mechanics.


Sadly the transformation is not a permanent outfit.


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