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Alphabear: Hardcover Edition Achievements

24 August 2017, Thursday, 2:10:36



Big Square Bear
Make a square 5(h) x 5(w) bear


All-consuming bear!
Make a single bear that fills the entire board


Good Times
Score at least 2,000 points in a timed game


8 Letter Word
Make an 8 letter word


Short & Wide Bear
Make a wide 1(h) x 7(1) bear


Tall & Skinny Bear
Make a tall 7(h) x 1(w) bear


Great Times
Score at least 4,000 points in a timed game


10 Letter Word
Make a 10 letter word


Legendary Bear
Add a legendary bear to your collection


Legendary Times
Score at least 10,000 points in a timed game

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