Cheat Codes

How to type in cheat codes

Note: Just type them in game, there is no console or anything like that.



AELPHA – All Powerups + Keys + Weapons + Mana + Health + Full Soul Points

AEOMEGA – God Mode + Infinity Mana

AETHER – No Clip

AEOMB – God Mode

AEMAGE – Full Mana

AERD – Fly Mode

AESEE – Torch Mode

AEWIZARD – All Weapons + Mana + Keys

AENIMA – Soul Mode Engage

AEWARLOCK – All Weapons

AELEON – Level Select Screen

AE2000 – Full Color Palette

AENUS – Fart

AECHOO – Sneeze

AEXTREME – Actually makes weapons fire fast

AEBABY – Soul mode toggle (infinite duration)

AEMEMES – memes (memes)

AECRACK – Superfast Weapons

AEROSICS – Make The Player Super Fast

AEON – Make The Player Super  Slow

AERTH – Make Planet Launcher Always Fire Earth

AEOUCH – Hurt Player

AESPLODE – Kill Player



Tips for Finding Secrets

  • -Sometimes you can see hidden items before you find the secret. Usually the entrance is near.


  • -Secret doors do not open from attacks. So put your axe away and stop hitting walls.


  • -A general rule is that secrets are spaced out. If you’ve looking for a secret try a room or area you know you’ve not previously found anything. There are exceptions — bigger rooms can hold multiple secrets.


  • -Check behind stairs and raised platforms.


  • -Investigate pools of water for hidden entrances.


  • -Look for cracks in rocks and walls. Openings can be small and dark.


  • -Hidden switches are usually above you at awkward angles.


  • -The planet launcher weapon can propel you to a greater height (but do think of the planets first before you try).


  • -Wall textures that look odd or stand out, could be a secret door. Walk into them.


  • -High up? Look down over the edge.


  • -Fell down? Check behind you.


  • -Some secrets are time based with moving platforms and walls.


  • -There are “hidden” items that do not qualify as contributing towards 100% secrets. Bummer.



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