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Amnesia: The Dark Descent Cheats

20 May 2019, Monday, 18:26:00


Useful Tips & Tricks

  • If you know you’ll stay in a specific area for a longer period of time, solving a puzzle for instance, light up some torches or candles to keep your sanity up.


  • Pickable items can be thrown at monsters to slow them down pressing the right mouse button.


  • It’s best to put barrels or crates behind closed doors to slow the monster down a bit if it’s chasing you.


  • If you have been spotted by a monster there will be a change in audio and a specific theme will start playing, signalizing you have been seen and have to run. On hard mode, there is no such “notification”.


  • Most monsters despawn after a short period of time, they never stay around. There are spawn points for them to appear after you enter a specific place. If they don’t see you or you run from them and hide for a minute or two, they will give the chase up, stop lurking about and disappear.


  • The first “chapter” of the game is purely tutorial, therefore no real danger is present up untill entering the Back Hall, so long as you wait once the monsters spawn. Most of the first monster encounters are purely cinematical, so just wait till they go off your screen and they’re gone.


  • You can hide in a closet, behind a stack of crates or barrels.


  • Search every area thoroughly, open every drawer and look in all shelves, collectibles lie everywhere.


  • For a good measure, it’s better to close doors behind you.


  • Always maintain your lantern half empty, you may find an oil barrel and therefore refill your lantern, instead of wasting some oil.


  • Make sure to utilize leaning, you are less likely to be seen while leaning using Q or E and you get a good vision of the area, instead of walking up.



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