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How to Enable Secret / 18+ Content

Follow these steps;


  • Go to Steam library.


  • Find the game ‘Amorous’ and left-click on it.


  • Click properties.


  • Click ‘Local files’ and then Browse Local Files.


  • In that window, create a notepad and name it ‘ShowMeSomeBooty.txt.’ Press ‘Enter.’


  • Rename that notepad/text file again. This time delete ‘.txt’ and press ‘Enter’.


  • The notification pops up saying, ‘If you change the file name extension, the file might become unusable..’. Disregard it and just press ‘Enter.’


  • Now it looks like a ‘file’ and not a notepad anymore.


  • That’s it!



Extra Info

* You can take the file away from there if you wish to play the SFW version again.


** Make sure you paste it when the game is not running.


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