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AMPLITUDE: A Visual Novel – Quest Guide

10 September 2017, Sunday, 1:02:38


Quests and Extras

This guide is intended to help players complete the quests and extras in the game.

FQ origins 
The person requesting is located on the Shopping District, rooftop of the Comic Market every Tuesday and Thursday.
After talking to the person, go to the library (also accessible from the Shopping District. Go to the alleyway and choose the arrow pointing up north.)
Now, you need to prepare 10 opera cakes and a scarf. The scarf’s recipe will be added directly to your recipe list. You only need to do the cake portion for partial completion, so feel free to skip the scarf if time is tight. Since each cake costs 1500 omegas, a minimum of 15.000 omegas is needed to complete this. Deliver the cakes to Danone. You can do this in one afternoon. Once you have read all the pages, Danone will ask for the scarf. If you take too long, however, he will not want the scarf any longer. Return to the man on the roof. You will get a Cursed Doll and a copy of Freak-Quency, original edition, for your trouble.

Note: Complete this quest before April 27th if you’re playing Katy and pursuing the secret character’s route.



Cats in the city 
There are eight cats in the city. Two in the hospital, two in the club, two at the outerskirts, one around Cafe Memoria, and the Kool Kats logo. You will get a Cursed Doll for giving the right answer.



Avenge Me 
The vending machine is located on the city central. Choose to slam it. Now, you can choose to fight the vending machine, but you will only be able to win if your combat stat is at least Deadly. Another Cursed Doll is now at your disposal.



Save me from scraps! 
Unlock this quest by talking to the robot in the subway (Accessible from the alleyway in the Shopping District). Once you have accepted the quest, go to the bar at night and talk to the robot bartender. The robot bartender will give you a job. You will need to console the drunken lady three times (available on Tuesday and Thursday) to finish the job (has to be done before May). Once you have completed the drunken lady events, you can ask the robot bartender to give your friend a chance. Return to the subway to report completion.



Dog Soup 
The dog owner is at the City Central. If you’re Jon, go to your house and offer Felix the dog. If you’re Katy, offer Plip the dog. Do this under seven days (including reporting). Return to the dog owner. One more Cursed Doll!

Note: Since May will be filled with many events, do this before April ends.



The cursed dolls
There are six cursed dolls in the game. Getting all of them will unlock scenes with Giselle and allow you to have another chance with your pendant.

Doll #1: Win against the vending machine (See vending machine avenger quest).
Doll #2: In the locked room in the Shopping District alleyway (the one leading through the subway and the library). The door will open if you’re at least Scholarly (above 160 knowledge points). You can also smash it with at bravery>160 AND combat>180.
Doll #3: Complete the quest ‘Dog Soup’ (Jon) or Visit Sewing Club before enrolling to any club, enroll to two other clubs, then make the craft item required for the Sewing Club and visit the club again (Katy).
Doll #4: Complete the quest ‘FQ Origins’.
Doll #5: Get a job as a hairdresser. On your off days, you will be offered to be a customer. Accept it with at least 20.000 omegas in your disposal.
Doll #6: Complete the quest ‘Cats’.



I want baby! 
The man will be located on the alleyway in the Shopping District. Go buy a Bal Sem from the vending machine at the school’s entrance. You can get all other ingredients from the Pelet store (Shopping District).



The rich girl is at the City Central. You have to interview Grace Malkavia. Meet her at noon and night at the City Central (near the stage).



For a dime 
The shady guy will ask you to make some items. The ingredients should all be available at the computer store at the mall.



Photo Quest 
You have to find Plip four times in different area! School at noon, City Central at noon, Corporate District at night, and the Nightclub.



Tutor Needed 
The poster will be at the Downtown. You need at least 160 knowledge point to complete this. This will unlock events with Felix.



Girl Talk 
Arai can be found at school, Monday and Wednesday. After getting Arai to meet Liz, choose “I guess you should.” to get the comic ‘Cloverlines’ or choose “Don’t give up!” to get 15000 omegas.



Cleaning Day 
Go to Cafe Memoria at night.



Crying Girl 
Meet the poster.



What do girls like? 
Make a Penny Necklace prior to meeting the poster for a bigger reward. The poster is at the Shopping District. Meeting him with the Penny Necklace will give 50 omegas, and 10 omegas otherwise. Note that this can easily be missed and you have to make the Penny Necklace on the first night with Katy (02/4).



If you’re Katy, go to the girl’s bathroom at school. You will get a lipstick upon completion. Recommended to do this before the Malkav Ball.
If you’re Jon, meet the girl near the bathrooms on Mondays and Saturdays or on the roof on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Confess the ruse when asked.



Meet the poster at school.



Robots can love too 
All the materials can be bought from the computer store.



Grading Help 
Go to the teacher’s lounge. To successfully complete this quest, you have to complete ‘I need a young teenage girl’.



I need a young teenage girl 
If you’re Jon, go to the park at night. Talk to Aron and insist on helping him. Talk about family or praise him.
If you’re Katy, you can go to Aron’s house and check his computer for an extra scene. Meet him at the park at night



Cam, the Cafe Owner! 
Activate the first event with Michelle to get this quest. Go to Cafe Memoria.



Love Letter 
The poster is in front of the nursing home (Shopping District). Go to the Cafe to deliver the letter, then report back to the poster.



Sweets Taste Test 
Go to Cafe Memoria before the 9th of April. You will get 1000 omegas and unlock the second quest.



Sweets Taste 2nd Test 
Go to Cafe Memoria before the 10th of April. You will get 2000 omegas and a candy for the Malkav Ball disguise.



Revenge Vandalism! 
Available after the Band Festival. Buy the ingredients at the stationary store at the mall.



Butterfly Catch 
You need at least 10 butterflies. After talking to the poster, you can start collecting butterflies every Sunday morning. However, what event you encounter (1,2,3, or 0 butterflies) will be random.



Knight in Shining Armor 
Go to the mall, near the Korean Restaurant. You won’t get anything by lying, but telling the truth will give you 5000 omegas.

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