Ancestors Legacy Cheats


Hidden Achievements

Ancestors Legacy has 7 hidded achievements. They are usually rewarded for some extra-effort in some of the campaign missions.




 A Ship That Doesn’t Sink
Help at least 8 drakkars survive the siege before Lindisfarne (Secret)

Where: In the fourth mission of Ulf Ironbeard’s campaign
After capturing the final village your ally will apear. He’s got a fleet of 12 ships and you need to make sure at least 8 of them survive. Be fast and destroy the catapults before they sink the ships.




 All for Rurik
Capture and hold all villages at Izborsk (Secret)

You will need to cap all villages in a mission of Rurik’s campaign.




 Vienna’s Finest Armor
Pick up all armors scattered behind Vienna’s walls (Secret)

You have to collect some armor pieces in a mission of Rudolf’s campaign.




 Edward Needs Those
Deliver 5 or more catapults before night-time at Wells (Secret)

You need to produce five catapults before the night comes in Edward’s campaign. This means you need to collect enough resources and build a blacksmith to research catapults as fast as possible.




 Under Mieszko’s Banner
Capture the village of Kopytko (Secret)

This one is rewarded for capturing the village Kopytko in Mieszko’s campaign.




Kill 2000 peasants (Secret)

You need to kill a total of 2000 peasants. One of the Devs stated any peasant on the map that gets killed counts towards this:

Peasants in enemy base (standing near buildings, extinguishing buildings, reapairng/building) also count to this achievement.




Kill Harald in less than 5 minutes at Stamford Bridge (Secret)


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