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Ancestors Legacy – Gamepad Controls

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Gamepad Controls

Basic Controls

Move camera: Left Stick

Faster camera movement: RB (Hold) + Left Stick

Zoom in / Zoom out: Right Stick (Up/Down)

Select squad or building: X (on squad or building)

Select all visible squads: X (on terrain)

Select all squads: X + X (on terrain)

Deselect all: B

Action: A

Jump to selection: Y

Follow the selected squad: Y (Hold)

Fast travel to squad on the left: LB

Fast travel to squad on the right: RB



Controlling Squads

Set waypoints: LB (Hold) + A

Squad rotation: A (Hold) + Left Stick

Add squad’s rotation to queue: LB (Hold) + A (Hold) + Left Stick

Stop squad’s movement: LT (Hold) + A

Skill 1: LB (Hold) + X

Med Camp: LB (Hold) + Y

Skill 2: LB (Hold) + B

Change formation: RB (Hold) + X

Retreat: RB (Hold) + Y

Torches: RB (Hold) + B



Command Menu

Enter Command Menu: RT (Hold)

Select: Left Stick

Confirm: A

Back: B

Cancel / Toggle village alarm: X



Advanced Selection

Select all same-type visible squads: X + X (on squad)

Select all same-type squads on map: LT (Hold) + X + X (on squad)

Add to selection: LT (Hold) + X (on squad)

Add to selection all visible squads: LT (Hold) + X (on terrain)

Remove from selection: LT (Hold) + B (on squad)

Paint select: LT (Hold) + X (Hold)

Paint remover: LT (Hold) + B (Hold)

Moving left on banner: LT (Hold) + Dpad (Left)

Moving right on banner: LT (Hold) + Dpad (Right)

Add to selection or remove from banner: LT (Hold) + X (on banner)

Deselect all from banner: LT (Hold) + B (on banner)



Control Groups

Set squad/building to control group: Dpad (Hold any direction)

Add to the existing control group: LT (Hold) + Dpad (Hold any direction) (on the selected squad)

Select existing control group: Dpad (any direction)

Jump to the existing control group: Dpad + Dpad (the same direction)

Set camera bookmark: RB (Hold) + Dpad (Hold any direction)

Jump to saved camera bookmark: RB (Hold) + Dpad (any direction)




Enter Quick Chat: LB (Hold) + Dpad (any direction)

Quick Chat – Pings (Team): LB (Hold) + Dpad Up

Quick Chat – Positive (Team): LB (Hold) + Dpad Right

Quick Chat – Negative (Team): LB (Hold) + Dpad Down

Quick Chat – Reactions (Public): LB (Hold) + Dpad Left

Quick Chat – Attack: LB (Hold) + Dpad Up + Dpad Up

Quick Chat – Defend: LB (Hold) + Dpad Right + Dpad Right

Quick Chat – Move: LB (Hold) + Dpad Down + Dpad Down

Quick Chat – Retreat: LB (Hold) + Dpad Left + Dpad Left

Quick Chat – Generic Ping Message: LB (Hold) + Right Stick (Click)




Toggle jump to Townhall and captured villages: Right Stick (Click)

Jump to the event: View Button

Main Menu: Menu Button

Action camera: Left Stick (Click)

Action camera – Next Squad: LT

Action camera – Next Pawn: RB

Action camera – Previous Pawn: LB

Interface Hint Screen: LB + View Button


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