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Ancestors Legacy – Single-Player Campaign

13 May 2018, Sunday, 15:27:47

Single-Player Campaign

The single-player campaign of Ancestors Legacy lets you play as four different historical factions:



Vikings from the Kingdoms of the North:

1. Ulf Ironbeard (Vikings VS Brits, 793 AD): take on the role of Vikings raiding the famous English abbey of Lindisfarne. This event is considered to mark the beginning of the era of Viking raids on Europe.

2. Rurik (Vikings VS Slavs, 861 and 862 AD): The story of Rurik and the events in Rus’, when he took over Ladoga, and later also Novogorod. Considered the beginning of the Rurik Dynasty, which ruled over the Grand Duchy of Moscow for centuries to come.




Anglo-Saxons from the Kingdom of Britain:

1. Edward the Confessor (Brits VS Brits, 1051 AD): The story of a conflict between king Edward and Godwin of Kent – the most powerful British Earl of the time. The campaign begins when Godwin first opposes the king‘s will, and ends when he is exiled after losing the battle of Gloucester.

2. Harold II Godwinson (Brits VS Vikings, 1066 AD): Harold, the son and successor of Edward, successfully defended against an attack by Norwegian king Harald Hadrada, who died during the Battle of Stamford Bridge. Can you repeat his success?



The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation:

1. Rudolf of Habsburg (Germans VS Germans, 1278 AD): The newly-crowned German king Rudolf, who defended his throne against Czech king Premyslid II Ottokar. Premyslid II died in the Battle of Marchfeld.

2. Albrecht the Bear (Germans VS Slavs, 1147 and 1160 AD): The story of Albrecht conquering the lands of the Polabian Slavs, which were led by Niklot. This ended in Niklot’s death and was considered the beginning of the Christian reign over Mecklenburg.



Slavs from the Kingdom of Poland, and Kievan Rus’:

1. Mieszko (Slavs VS Germans, 963-972 AD): When the country of Poland was first officially formed and gained its first ruler, prince Mieszko I. Mieszko was the precursor of the Piast dynasty, and introduced Christianity to the Poles. This campaign tells the story of the fledgling nation’s defense against German attacks, and their winning the Battle of Cedynia.

2. Bolesław I the Brave (Slavs VS Slavs, 1002-1025 AD): The story of King Bolesław I and his conflict with the Prussian emperor Henryk II. A few years after Bolesław’s victorious Kiev intervention, he was crowned the first king of Poland.


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