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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to Complete The May Day Maze

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How to Complete The May Day Maze

  • -Pick up the shovel and use it to clear the shrub on your left.


  • -Pick up the fruit and then head back to the tree blocking your path.


  • -Eat the fruit and use your shovel to lift the entire tree out of the ground.


  • -Go straight and hop over the two opening and then take a right.


  • -Pick up the three pieces of wood on the ground and head back the way you came.


  • -From the central lane, go up, take a left, and hop over the hole.


  • -Grab the tree branch on the ground and follow the path as it loops back to the central corridor.


  • -Hop over each of three holes in a line, picking up the tree branches, stone, and worn axe.


  • -From where you grabbed the stone, head up and to the left until you jump over the hole in the center.


  • -Continue running left, hop over another hole, and then approach the tree to the north.


  • -Use the axe to chop down the tree, climb over the tree stump, and pick up another branch and two pieces of fruit.


  • -Head back the way you came, but this time take the first right where three lanes with holes are lined up.


  • -Use this to loop around to the rock blocking your path.


  • -Eat another piece of fruit, shatter the rock with your shovel, and pick up the iron nugget.


  • -Head back the way you came towards the tree you chopped down with the worn axe.


  • -When you reach the tree you cut down, head to the right, jump the hole, and continue going right. Do not head down the middle lane beyond the hole.


  • -Approach the rock, eat a piece of fruit, and shatter it with your shovel.


  • -Collect the DIY recipes and eat your last piece of fruit so you can remove the tree.


  • -Craft the Flimsy Axe and then the Axe.


  • -Head up and then take a left where the three holes are. Jump over each one to reach the center.


  • -Chop down the tree in front of you and pick up the pieces of fruit.


  • -From the tree you just chopped down, head north until you are unable to anymore.


  • -Take a left and run around until you loop back to the center.


  • -Using the first corridor with the hole on your right, make one last loop and head straight until you reach a tree.


  • -Chop down the tree, follow the path, and then clear the last three trees in your path.


  • -Speak to Rover and you will complete the maze!



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