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Animallica PC Controls & Key Bindings Guide

12 July 2017, Wednesday, 12:10:58


Basic Controls
If you press the F1 button while in game, it will bring up and outline of controls. There’s also an arrow button to the right when you bring up this menu in game.



WASD to move of course

E to search things or pick up thing

TAB or I to open Inventory

C to open character layout to put on clothing

SPACE to jump

P to take a photo

To equip a tool, food, or water click and drag in inventory and move to the lower row which is your hot bar correlating to the numbers on your keyboard (ex. 1,2,3 etc.)

Left click to use an equipped weapon or tool, place an item you are holding or to eat or drink.

TIP: You can also hover over food or drink in your inventory and press the middle mouse button to consume it, you don’t have to bring it to your hot bar to eat or drink.

If you equip a ranged weapon such as a bow or composite bow, left click once to load an arrow and again to fire the arrow.

To do a quick save, hit F5 (Save often!) or hit Escape and choose to manually save from the controls there.



Riding Animals
At the moment of making this, the horse is the only animal you are able to ride.

Hit F to mount

WASD to move

While moving forward, you can change the movement speed while hitting 1, 2, or 3

1. the horse walks

2. the horse trots

3. the horse runs

Hit L to dismount


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