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Animallica Tips and Tricks

11 July 2017, Tuesday, 18:47:02


Tips and Tricks

-The horse does have limited stamina, even if it’s hidden; be careful when you’re running around, or your horse might run out of stamina just as you rise a hill and find some enemies.

-Location of a crossbow and some other stuff, easy to get right from the start of the game: Head out the main gate, down to the water and broken bridge. To the left, there’s a small island with a chest on it.

-Go to Amber Hills, walk straight through the town out into the countryside and follow the shoreline. You will eventually see a castle. There is a skinning knife inside that castle, on the ground floor => on top of the shelf on the LEFT as you enter the room.

-If you’re trying to eat / drink with “E” then that’s the problem here – drag the drink / food to your hotbar, equip it in your hand and press the LMB. Pressing middle mouse button on an item in inventory, also will consume that item.

-If you’re wondering to yourself, how do I get more money in this game? Well, there is a coin press somewhere, I believe it was at Kitsunes Den, so if you manage to find that, and make a Blacksmithing house, you can mint your own coins! Coins are valuable to traders and currently traders can’t buy items off you so I would suggest try working toward making a Blacksmith and finding that Coin Press station. There is another coin press in Corpse Harbor inside a safe in a boarded up house. There’s also another toolset in there as well.

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