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Anno 2070 – PC Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys

PC Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys

Some of these keyboard commands can be changed according to your personal needs.

Rotate Building clockwise – .

Rotate Building anticlockwise – ,

Change Building model – C

Upgrade House – U

Scroll forwards – Up arrow key

Scroll backwards – Down arrow key

Scroll left – Left arrow key

Scroll right – Right arrow key

Rotate camera clockwise – Y

Rotate camera anticlockwise – Z

Point camera north – Home

Zoom in – Page Up

Zoom out – Page Down

Camera Zoom Levels – F2, F3, F4

Delete Building and units – Delete

Postcard view – F1

Camera to last event – Space

Disable interface – I

Display subtitles – CTRL+T

Open Construction Menu – B

Speed up game – NUM+

Slow game down NUMPause – P

Quicksave – F5

Quickload – F9

Toggle through all ships – TAB

Toggle through idle ships – Q

Toggle through ships without moving camera – SHIFT+TAB

Dive – T

Surface – Y

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