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Antichamber PC Cheats

14 March 2017, Tuesday, 10:41:24


Here’s how to open the Console in-game, so you can enter cheat codes:

There’s an editable .ini file you can find to change settings.
Default location of the file:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Antichamber\UDKGame\Config

Look for a file called “DefaultInput.ini“. Once you find that .ini file, you can open and edit it with Notepad. Changes will take effect after you save the file and start the game. You’ll recognize some basic settings, below I’ve listed what changing some PC command lines do to change gameplay.

Warning: Edit game files at your own risk. Always save a copy of the original file, so you can always switch your game back to the default settings.

To enable the Console Commands during gameplay, you have to edit the .ini file. Change the ConsoleKey=None to ConsoleKey=F1 or ConsoleKey=Tilde or any key you want to press to enable the Console after starting the game. It will be under “Uncomment these to disable console access”. You don’t have to change anything else.

Here are some helpful codes:
Noclip: ghost
Stop noclip: walk
Unlock guns: unlockgun [VALUE]
1 for blue gun
2 for green gun
3 for yellow gun
4 for red gun
Unlock black gun (same functionality as red, but black): unlockblackgun
Unlock Dark Matter gun (the one you get at the end of the game): unlockdarkgun

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