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ArcheAge: Unchained – Building the Ship

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Building the Ship

All ships in game are constructed in the open world by placing a drydock and delivering the required materials to the construction site. To place your drydock you require 3 things:


• A blueprint of your choice.


• The [Small Warship Materials] item in your inventory. (Crafted at a Shipyard Workbench: requires 3 Dragon Essence Stabilizer, 183 Onyx Archeum Essence, and 300 Lumber. All these materials can be purchased from the Auction House.


• A 75 gold retainer (On placement the game just deducts 75 gold from your inventory). 2000 labor should be more than enough to spend over the entire construction process. Values will change depending on character proficiencies.



Step 1: Right click your ship design to place your drydock building. It must be in deep enough water with enough open space with your character about 20 meters away from the dock for it to actually place despite how far out you can seem to drag it. An excellent location is your faction’s safe zone Ezi’s Light (Ezna for West, Austera for East, Growlgate for Pirates) as you will be able to edit components immediately and required workbenches are close by.



Step 2: After placing the drydock the building is safe, but you must finish the construction within 3 days, or it will disappear. To finish the project, bring 5 lumber packs, 5 fabric packs, and 5 iron packs in that order to the site and build onto it just like an in-game house foundation. (This requires 500 Lumber, 500 Fabric, and 500 Iron Ingots crafted into packs at a Sawmill Station, Smelter, and Weaving Loom).



Step 3: Upon delivery of all packs you will be given an interact option to launch your ship. You’ll then receive the ship’s summoning scroll as it slides off the dock. HOOZAH! IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL!


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