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ArcheAge: Unchained – Character Level & Ancestral Level

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Character Level & Ancestral Level

While it seems like character level is not that important, several important game mechanics operate off character level.


First, once you reach level 55 you stop losing experience when you die. This is a huge incentive to reach level 55 as quickly as possible.


Second, is that you earn XP based on your character level, which determines which mobs you can farm for experience. If you were to swap in three brand new trees when your character was level 55, you would find it rather difficult to kill monsters that would grant you experience, as your choice of skills would be limited, your skills level would be low, and your access to passives would be limited by your inability to purchase seven skills per tree.


Next, although each skilltree has five abilities that can be augmented by ancestral abilities these augmentations only unlock at the appropriate character level – Levels 1,4,7,10,13. Yes, it is a strange system where you do not need to level each skilltree to the appropriate skill level to have the ancestral abilities, but that is just the way the game designers have intended it to work.

Finally, each ancestral level you obtain grants you the following bonuses:


-Accuracy +0.05%


-Toughness +10


-Received Damage Reduction +0.1%


-Resilience +20


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