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ArcheAge: Unchained – Currencies


Most progression is locked behind some sort of daily timer. 


There are four main currencies in this game.




-Gilda Stars



Gold is the only tradable currency and isn’t locked behind a time gate (aside from labor.) If you want to sell Vocation points or Gilda Stars, you must buy a tradeable item from the shop, then sell it.




Gold is used in just about everything, even outside of the market. You’ll use gold when you regrade items, upgrade Hiram gear, repair gear/ships, craft certain recipes, purchase basic seeds/trees/livestock, etc. 




Vocation is how you obtain higher-tier plants, trees, livestock, and a few other crafting-related things. You primarily obtain vocation through daily family quests, community center dailies (if you have a house in that zone), and some daily achievements. You’ll gain a small amount through gathering proficiencies. Some crafting recipes are bottlenecked by vocation points, so they’re very valuable.



Gilda Stars

Gilda Stars are used to purchase buildings, ships, vehicles, and a few random odds and ends (including instruments??) Generally speaking, it’s best not to sell your Gilda until you’re absolutely sure you have everything you want. Right now you might say “bah, I don’t need 500 Gilda for a merchant ship!” as I did back at launch. Then, somewhere down the line, you end up with all the ships, a siege machine, and an 800 Gilda treehouse. 


You can also convert Gilda into gold through trade packs with Gilda stars as a material. This can be a decent money maker, but I wouldn’t suggest it unless you’re strapped for gold.




Honor is mainly obtained through dailies and is an essential part of gear progression. Some of the main things you’ll buy with honor:


Decrystallization scrolls – allows you to keep upgrading gear after failures.


Honorforged medals – crafting component for cloaks, Halcy necklace, and other gear.


Lunagems – purchase new lunagems to upgrade.


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