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ArcheAge: Unchained – Daily Instances Guide

Daily Instances


Halcyona war is a MUST do at least once a day for a 1,000 labor hammer. It is now instanced and lasts up to 20 minutes. You can queue 2x a day and gives a lot of honor and Hiram infusions. Grab the Halcy quest from the honor gladiator dude in Austera, do Halcy (win or lose, doesn’t matter), and use the warrior medal for your 1,000 labor hammer (they stack and have a 3-hour cooldown.)



The Fall of Hiram

The Fall of Hiram is 20-minute PVE daily that grants infusions and your choice of honor or vocation. You basically run around gathering materials, bringing them back to your base, and protecting NPC refugees from wolf attacks. You get better rewards when you save more refugees.



Red Dragon

Red dragon is now instanced, but inaccessible until 6000 gear score (T2+ Hiram).



Noryette Challenge

Horde mode PVE that gives mats to craft and upgrade best in slot accessories.




There’s a bunch of different arena modes, I think they just give honor rewards.


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