ArcheAge: Unchained – Essential Leveling Tips and Tricks


Essential Leveling Tips and Tricks

-Chop Every Tree.


-Get at least 2 or more mounts. Also buy “Shabby Pet Leggards” for 3.2 silver each (From Stable Master)


-Elk mount has a leap and Archer Abilities, Tiger Mount has a stun and an Invincible Dash.


-Avoid using hereafter stones. (General Merchants sell them for 75s each)


-The Experimental Glider can be crafted up to an Ultimate Glider for 30 gilda. (Don’t do this method if you are rushing gilda for Housing/Boats)


-Work on your Level-Based Achievements as you quest.


-If you die to mobs, Pray to Nui Priestess to restore xp.


-Quest with mounts and battle pets out to level them up.


-Partial completion of a quest gives the same XP as full completion.


-Avoid PvPing to leveling faster.


-Open Crates to get 3k xp pots.


-Arenas give Kyrios badges. 3 Kyrios badges = 10k xp.


-Start doing CR/GR as soon as possible.


-Gear lvl requirements: 1, 28, 40, 50.


-Set recall to Marianople/Austera.


-Raid’s give half XP. (2 players in a raid recieve half the XP rather than 2 players in a party)


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