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ArcheAge: Unchained – Gearing From Scratch

Gearing From Scratch

New 6.0 Questing Changes — As you quest, you’ll pick up an armor set and weapon(s) that you upgrade as you level up. This will turn into Arcane grade T1 Hiram gear at 50 when you do the final infusions. So, don’t worry about getting fresh gear when you’re done questing because you’ll have a gear set suited for your class ready to farm Auroria mobs with. 


You can also change your questing gear weapon and armor types BEFORE you awaken it to T1 Hiram. It will cost you some gold and labor.



Start doing your Diamond Shores, Exeloch, and Sungold Field dailies for blue Hiram Awakening Scrolls. Get this starter set to celestial through infusions. This is about equivalent to delphinad at t1 and ayanad at t2 for you old timers.


As you complete your first 10 Hiram dailies you’ll obtain 7 armor, 3 weapon, and 1 instrument cloaked bundles where you get a choose a full secondary armor set. When you get a T1 piece to celestial, you’ll get a free awakening scroll with a 50% success rate.


Infusion bundles are 20-25 labor to open, and you use 20 labor per infusion when upgrading Hiram. You’ll spend a few thousand labor per piece to full upgrade in each tier. As for gold cost, here is a rough estimate of what I’ve used so far.


Armor/instruments (per piece) = ~100g for T1 celestial, 250-300 for T2 divine


Weapon (per piece) = ~250 for T1 celestial, ~350 for T2 divine


So you’re looking at about 1,500g for a full T1 celestial set. This is from GRAND, so you’ll spend a bit less when working with your upgraded questing gear.


From there, focus on awakening your weapons to max Hiram. Once you get a feel for this system, you can choose to continue with Hiram, save up for Erenor, or get some/all Library armor. You MIGHT be able to run Library at celestial T1 Hiram, but most likely will need divine T2 Hiram. 


I’m unsure if there are any free accessories that are worthwhile, so maybe just work on a Halcy necklace and pick up some illustrious accessories from the vendor to start with.


Guide to Hiram gear.



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