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ArcheAge: Unchained – How to Make a Cart Shaft

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How to Make a Cart Shaft

To craft a single cart shaft you need the following items:


  • -1 x Thunderstruck Log


  • -1 x Sturdy Ingot



To get a Sturdy Ingot you need the following materials:


  • -1x Iron Ingot


  • -1x Copper Ingot


  • -1x Silver Ingot


  • -1x Opaque Polish



The iron, copper and silver ingots can be processed at a smelter from iron, copper and silver ore. As mentioned before three ore melt into a single ingot. The opaque polish then needs:


  • -2x Charcoal Stabilisers


  • -20x Azalea


  • -20x Narcissus



Azalea and Narcissus can be gathered in the wild, as you have no doubt already seen. And the charcoal stabilizers can be gotten from inland trade runs as explained before. You then craft the Opaque polish at an alchemy table and the sturdy ingot at the smelter.


Finally, and this is by far the most difficult step of the process of making a farm cart, to get a Thunderstruck log you need to log a Thunderstruck Tree and they are rare. Whenever a tree grows it has a very small chance of getting struck by lightning. So the only way is to either grow trees on a farm and hope for the best, get extremely lucky by finding one in the wild or buy it from the auction house.


Waiting to get a thunderstruck tree from growing trees on farms will most likely take you a long time. So again, here I would recommend just buying it from the auction house if you can, but be warned that they are pretty expensive.


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