ARK: Survival Evolved Achievements and Their Rewards Guide



Achievements & Their Rewards

Veteran Paleontologist

Dino Witch Hat Skin
Dino Bunny Ears Skin
Dino Party Hat Skin
Dino Santa Hat Skin



Veteran Survivor

Witch Hat Skin



Artifact Archaeologist

Bunny Ears Skin
Hairstyle: Pony Tail
Hairstyle: Mutton Chops



Expert Survivor

Santa Hat Skin
Emote: Snowball



Master Survivor

Chieftain Hat Skin
Top Hat Skin
Emote: Turkey
Emote: Evil



Survivor Evolved

Nothing / Unknown



Your first day…

Torch Sparkler Skin



Your first Dino…

Nerdry Glasses Skin



Your first Ride…

Parasaur ARK Founder Saddle Skin



Maximum Survivor

Birthday suit, shirt & pants
Hairstyle: Braids
Hairstyle: Curly Beard



Maximum Dinosaur

Dino Glasses Skin



Rex Rider

Fireworks Flaregun Skin



Giga Rider

Fireworks Rocket
Launcher Skin



Map Maker

Hunter Hat Skin
Hairstyle: Romantic
Hairstyle: Romantic beard



Highest Peak

Party Hat Skin
Lowest Depth
Candy Cane Club Skin




Vampire Eyes Skin
Gamma Ascension
Clown Mask Skin
Hairstyle: Mohawk
Hairstyle: Moustache



Beta Ascension

DodoWyvern Mask Skin
Hairstyle: Afro
Hairstyle: Goatee



Alpha Ascension

Dodorex Mask Skin
Hairstyle: Dreadlocks
Hairstyle: Dread Beard



Beginner Explorer

Stego Bone Costume



Experienced Explorer

Raptor Bone Skin



Adventurous Explorer

Carno Bone Costume



Studious Explorer

Procoptodon Bunny Costume



Veteran Explorer

Trike Bone Costume



Adept Explorer

Megaloceros Reindeer Costume



Professional Explorer

Bronto Bone Costume



Expert Explorer

QuetzalCoatlus Bone Costume



Master Explorer

Rex Bone Costume



Perfect Explorer

Jerboa Bone Costume
Giganotosaurus Bone Costume
Wyvern Bone Costume
Hairstyle: Viking Beard



Master Zoologist

Werewolf Mask Skin
Rex Stomped Glasses Saddle Skin
Emote: Heart
Hairstyle: Viking



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