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ARK: Survival Evolved Easiest Hunt

8 July 2017, Saturday, 22:14:24


Easiest Hunt
Dodo’s and Coel (fish) are the best. Simply kill them with your bare hands (be careful, this hurts you) or better yet, a Pick/Hatchet. Once dead, harvest it with the same tools. You can also kill Dilo’s. You can easily punch them out if you have full health and avoid their spit (when you get close, the carnivorous Dilo will attack by first spitting it’s venom to try to blind you, then run at you). Sometimes punching them will knock them out, so once out, kill and harvest with a better tool. To gain more Raw Meat from any animal/dino/creature use a Pick, for more Hide, use a Hatchet. You will certainly need Hide, but not as much as Raw Meat at this point. I suggest using a Pick for harvesting at this point. For hunting, a Spear for Dilo’s and Pick for the small animals.

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