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ARK: Survival Evolved – How to Tame a Phoenix

5 September 2017, Tuesday, 18:34:39


Taming a Phoenix
Before you try your hand at taming one, you need to find one. First off, phoenixes don’t spawn in normal conditions – they only spawn during heatwaves. When the heatwave is gone, wild phoenixes disintegrate until the next wave, so you need to find and tame the phoenix before the heatwave ends. This is made even more difficult by the fact that only one wild phoenix exists at a time, so you’re looking for the only phoenix on the entire map before the heatwave ends and it’s gone.

Phoenixes fly all the time and are completely incapable of landing on the ground – search the skies. Bonus points if it’s night, because that’s when the phoenix’s fiery glow is more noticable.




Now that you’ve found one, it’s time to tame it.

Phoenixes cannot be tamed passively, and they cannot be tamed with the knockout method. Phoenixes are tamed very violently: Attacking phoenixes with flame weapons (flamethrower is optimal, fire arrows don’t give much progress and torch gives even less) will up their taming bar.

Phoenixes, however, appear to ignore you, so you’ll have to follow it as it flies. They are also

Sidenote: Make sure to bring lots of water and desert gear – There still is a heatwave.

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