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ArmA 3 King of the Hill How to Use The Radar Guide

19 June 2017, Monday, 2:27:29


Radar use

Learning how to use the radar is a critical skill. Most advanced vehicles rely heavily on ir in order to be effective. This is especially true for the AA Tanks such as the Tigris and Cheetah, aircraft such as the Wipeout, Neophron or Buzzard, and attack helicopters such as the Blackfoot and Kajman.




Normally the radar differentiates between friends and enemies (green and red) but in King of the Hill the vehicles you use are not bound to factions as they are in the campaign (blufor, opfor and independent). As a result the dots simply mean that something is there.

Another trick is that you can see where your gunner and commander are looking by the slight grey cone within the radar. This can be helpful if they are calling out enemies and you need to quickly locate where they are looking. A good alternative is to use compass bearings or degrees, or directions based on the numbers on a clock (where 12 o’clock is straight ahead and 6 o’clock is right behind you).

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