Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Combat and Stealth – Overview

Combat and Stealth


Conquest Battles are large set piece encounters that occur when a Leader is eliminated, and involves players choosing a side between two armies of up to 150 soldiers. (Sparta or Athens) The battles provide the best rewards in the game.



The three skill trees are; Hunter, Warrior or Assassin. There are also unique abilities for the Spear of Leonidas.



Some new abilities include Rush Assassinate, Rain of Arrows, as well as being able to perform the infamous Sparta Kick.



Up to 12 abilities can be selected for use in combat, resulting in a wide variety of playstyles and builds.



It is possible to respec your abilities at any time.



Certain special abilities can now be mapped to the D Pad of controllers.



Bows have their own weapon wheel this time, to ease quicker selection.



There is a heavier emphasis on the Adrenaline bar, which fills up during combat, and enables you to unleash Special Attacks.



Engravings can be used at a Blacksmith to improve the quality of your equipped weaponry and armor, such as adding perks that improve adrenaline generation.



Confirmed weaponry includes: Swords, Daggers, Heavy Blunt weapons, Heavy Bladed weapons, Staffs, Spears, Bows and Arrows. You will again be able to equip and swap between two melee weapons during combat.



As with Origins, weapons have their own rarity (Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary), as well as various attributes and perks.



Shields are no longer equippable.



There is a variety of different arrow types, including paralyzing, poison and fire arrows. A special ability allows Ghost Arrows to fire through walls. It is possible to shoot arrows from cover.



Your ship crew can be summoned into combat to assist you by an ability known as Call To Arms, which works mechanically like the Brotherhood summon of older games.





There is no Hidden Blade in the game. Assassination is performed by neck snap, or by the Leonidas Spear.



Enemies can be knocked out for non-lethal takedowns.



It is once more possible to hide in bushes and shrubbery.



Bodies can be picked up and hidden.



The whistle distraction ability returns.


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